Host: Kevin James

Guest:  Jason Coker & Pastor Charlie Coker

Location:  Identity Church Studios

Title: Why we do the things we do

Show#:  TMBE037

Record Date: 09/20/2020     Release Date: 11/11/2020

Info:  Jason Coker works for a large national bank in the financial service industry as a middle manager.  He also is in a doctorate program At Florida Atlantic University. His area of focus is adult and community education. His other background is he went to seminary at Oral Roberts University, where he got a master's degree in biblical literature. Pastor Charlie Coker is the senior leader at the Identity church in Deltona, Florida. He is an author of three books and the father of Jason Coker.Today show, the three of us will discuss "Why we do the things we do"

Guest Contact Info: Identity Church. Adult Learning & Leadership Skills Workshop Presented by Jason Coker


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