Host: Kevin James

Guest:Joel Thornton ~ Child & Parental Rights Campaign

Location: The Convergence Conference in Fayetteville, Louisiana

Title:Transgender in Schools and Human Trafficking

Show#: TMBE031

Record Date: 08/03/2020     Release Date: 08/30/2020

Info: On today show I’m sitting down again with Joel Thornton at our temporary studio located in Lafayette Louisiana. Last week we talk with Joel and he told us who he was and where he came from. This week he will be doing a little recap of his message that he gave on Sunday Morning August 2, 2020 at The Convergence Conference at One Church in Lafayette Louisiana Today’s topic is a little heaven and not recommended for younger listeners. Some of the topics we will be discussing is transgender in schools and human trafficking

Guest Contact Info: Child & Parental Rights Campaign   e-Mail: JTornton@ChildParentrights.orgP33  e-Mail:


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