Host: Kevin James

Guest: Paul G. Ybarra

Location: The Millennium Beat Deltona Office/Studio using ecamm Live

Title:  Set Free a Paul G. Ybarra Interview

Show#:  TMBE052 |  Season #: 2   | Episode #: 00

Record Date: 05/03/2021     Release Date: 05/09/2021

Info:  Paul was raised in California in a very dysfunctional, with an abuse stepfather that molested his sister for over 4 years. Hit the streets at a young age. He got into the drug industry, clicks and hustling. Was angry and bitter. Left California at 29 years old. Ended up in Ohio, and saved January 9 of 2005. Went back to California and backslid, returned to Ohio and had a real encounter with Christ. 2011 moved to Texas’s, got married and ministry began and here now in Colorado.

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