Host: Kevin James

Guest:  Joseph & Kirstyn Almeida

Location:  Joseph & Kirstyn Apartment

Title:  Is your heart ready for that special one?

Show#:  TMBE036

Record Date: 09/12/2020     Release Date: 11/04/2020

Info:  Joseph‘s family is from Portugal, but he was born in New Jersey, where he lived there for a year before moving to Florida. Kirstyn is from Pennsylvania, where she lived with a large family of 11.   At the age of 12, she went on a mission trip that was just a start.  At the age of 18, she moves to Florida to go to school at Palm Beach Atlantic.  On today’s show, we’ll talk about their first date, the first time that Joseph Said I love you and her reaction. We will have a brief look at their wedding day and their honeymoon. Then we will rap up with a closer look at their plans for the future.

Guest Contact Info: CaringForOurSelves  Kirstyn creative Instagram


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