Host: Kevin James

Guest: Pastor Charlie Coker ~ Identity Church, Deltona, FL & Joel Thornton ~ Child and Parental Rights Campaign

Location: Identity Church Studios

Title:  Fighting the battle of Sex trafficking with the help of the Kingdom

Show#: TMBE034

Record Date: 09/6/2020     Release Date: 09/20/2020

Info:  Today show we have Joel Thornton he is with child and parental rights campaign; Pastor Charlie Coker is the senior pastor of the Idenity Church in Deltona, Florida. We set up a little round table and discussed how to deal with sex trafficking in our Society.  Joel’s respective is from the world being a lawyer, and Pastor Charles Coker's respective is from the church. Now listen to a discussion on sex trafficking and how the Kingdom can help combat this problem.

Guest Contact Info:

Pastor Charlie Coker: Identity Church Charlie's Website

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888

Joel Thornton: Child & Parental Rights Campaign   e-Mail: JTornton@ChildParentrights.orgP33  e-Mail:


Call us with your stories at (407) 624-9957 or e-Mail us at

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